Father of Light Consciousness

For the past 14 days the most beautiful Souls have come together over the power of the Internet to receive daily activations from a concept known as Mother of Light Consciousness. What is the Mother of Light Consciousness? It is a culmination of energy within every being. It is not limited to Mothers and nor is it owned solely by women. It is an energy of internal nature that harbors within everyone’s state of being. It is the Feminine Consciousness that nurtures, heals, and processes. It is the place within that is able to sense and feel and it is completely based on the cycles of life. There is a time to process and nurture the Mother of Light from within and there is a time to become outward in nature. Each person was taken on a journey to embrace their own Mother of Light Consciousness. For each person this was decorated in a different aspect for it is not limited to any one state or way of being. That is up to the individual but the concept remains the same. We are the bearers of light from the fruit of our womb and within the womb is where consciousness creates if we allow it to be. Each person learned techniques to tune into their BE-ing and learned how to release that which was no longer necessary for their existence in order to understand that they are the internal creators of their own realities that consciously or unconsciously is exemplified by the outward worldly experiences. Once they are able to embrace how truly powerful they are through this Mother of Light Internal Consciousness they are able to change their own worlds from within.

Why is this important? Because we can only see change within the world if we change within ourselves first. Then we move onto our outward and worldly manifestations of life which is associated with the Father of Light Consciousness. This has no association with religion and is rather a concept of the Action Energy that is outwardly made in our outside worlds. Everything we produce and everything that surrounds us is an outward representation of this Father or Masculine Energy. The physical is a great representation of this. The car we drive, our home, our outward appearance sends a message of how we feel of ourselves and our world. By no means are we saying that these physical things matter we are merely saying that they represent a physical quality of what our internal nature feels and thus there is an interdependence of the Mother and the Father within. This is why physical representations of our Mothers and Fathers have so much affect on us children. If mom encouraged you to sense and feel the process and allowed you to express the emotions that were there from within because it was safe to do so then you had an experience of the Mother of Light Consciousness. If dad encouraged you to excel and ‘go for it’ to make goals and to accomplish what you can in this world because you deserve it and you were encouraged to do this by respecting those around you then you had a representation of what the Father of Light Consciousness energy entails.

Many of us received some of this and had some ideas of what this may look like but many of us found all of this very confusing. Many of us did not receive the leadership and encouragement from the Father and many did not receive the nurturing and the encouragement to process and express the emotions of the Mother. In addition, many of us were brought up to believe that these two energies are separate and only associated with Man versus Woman. Thus a man was encouraged to push and excel and suppress the need to process and express emotionally. Vice versa the woman was encouraged to nurture and process while thought of as weak and insecure and needing to be taken care of. And there was the imbalance. When in essence each Soul is a complete unification of the balance of both Male and Female of the energies of the Mother of Light AND the Father of Light. These are not separate but intertwined in mutually exclusive and interdependent ways much like the yin and yang of Chinese philosophy, the seasons, the cycles of the Earth, the stars, the universe, the oceans, the moon, the sun and anything else that you can think of that is based on balance and creation. You are this balance and you are the complete evolution of the Mother of Light and the Father of Light. You are the Mother/Father of All that Is.

In the next 14 days we will be bringing in the Father of Light Consciousness that is represented through balanced action and expansion. This energy propels one forth with careful thought and understands that without the encouragement to go full throttle ahead to the destination of your dreams there would never be a journey to consciously look back on and say, “I’m glad I did this”. Most of us unconsciously look back and wonder, “What happened?” In the next 14 days we plan to experience the safety of the Father of Light Consciousness and how this masculine energy is also balanced in stability, strength, achievement, and knowing. It is the big bear hug that you always wanted that makes you feel like you CAN DO IT!

Even if you did not participate in the first 14 days of Mother of Light nurturing from within you will still receive exactly what you need from the Father without missing a thing. Remember, these energies are not just mutually exclusive but interdependent as well which means that one can not be successful and balanced without the other but it takes a conscious awareness to know that they exist and you can DO something about it in order for the fires to begin to burn within both.

The next 14 days will be about action and producing but it will also be about internal work that is necessary in order to act in this world in a very respectable and responsible manner. The Father has been a misinterpreted energy that barrels through life unconsciously when perhaps it is an energy that is safe and understanding and more forceful and perhaps in that force there is stability and understanding.

I invite you to join me on this journey….

What will you receive?

  1. An Activation Ceremony…

You are invited to begin to embrace the energy of the Father of Light Consciousness on the few days of the full moon… you will meet with me either in person or over electronic media (skype, facetime, etc) and you will receive a reading on your associations with the Father energy. This will consist of Tarot Cards and an introductory clearing to open your energy centers to the possibility that this energy exists and is ready to work with you. This is an hour session.

  1. 14 days of emails encouraging you to press on in your studies and inviting you to think about concepts and how to view the Father of Light Consciousness from a different perspective or one that maybe is perhaps living within yourself but has been forgotten.


  1. A Closing Ceremony…

to harmoniously integrate this Energy into your System of Light that will help you to become one and balance with the energies of the Father of Light. Again, another session usually an hour long.

  1. Open access to me every three days that you may call or email with questions or have access to process personal information that may be coming up.


What you need to know:

  • Activations begin Wednesday January 31 thru to Saturday February 3rd…. we set a time to meet together for your activation.


  • 14 days of activations through emails every day (February 1st thru 14th)


  • Closing Ceremony the week ending the 14th thru to the 17th. Individual and scheduled accordingly.


  • Access to me for questions by phone, email, Facetime, etc…February 4th, 7th, and 10th.


  • Cost: $120


Sign up by responding to this email or contacting me at Jen.Burkhart@comcast.net


W[OM]en of Light – Mother of Light

It is time dear one… it is time to call in the women… to begin the process of reigniting and burning the flames of our resurrection.  We are the ones that originated on this Earth plane long, long ago.  We come from all walks of life.  We are the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and so much more.  We are teachers, scientists, builders, freedom writers, sacred ritual holders, scribes, environmentalists, historians, and more. We are the FEmale.  We are the OM in the W[OM]en.  We are also the great connectors ever so close and holding together the society through our relationships with our fathers, brothers, uncles, and more.  We hold the light the sacred light of the sacred feminine that unites humanity only through the birth canal of love.  We are the invitation to all that is and it is we that holds the chalice of the great goddess nectar of immortality.  It is us.  I call on you.  You that reads this and is drawn to these words.  They are more than words they are a supreme invitation to step up to the holy sacred self that is supremely empowered by the universe.  Yes, that is you.

I invite you dear one… to join together in union of all that is and is everything.  To come and gather in a sacred space put together by all of those who are also the freedom holders.  This space will encompass many and it will be grand.  It holds the grounding for more women to come.  Only a few will show up at first but expect this to grow rapidly as you shed the fears, uncover the myths, and one by one step into your powerful truth.  You will touch one another and behold you will once again hold each other close in the bounty of your breasts and know that the only way to the ever present Mother is through the loving blossom of her bosom bestowed in Love.  Love has become a callous word in your society.  Not truly understood by all.  It has been tarnished and undernourished.  You will reveal the sacred feminine and help the others to understand that to be Love one must have a sacred union with the self and the souls calling.  Once this happens and this emerges then one is truly free to roam and teach the ways of the chalice…the ways of the world and the ways of Love.  That has not truly happened yet.  It is coming.

W[OM]an, I call upon you to join together to raise up the frequency of our world.  You come from all walks of life.  You are mothers of children and mothers of each other.  Mothers of this world.  Mothers that do not even have to be mothers of a being but can birth the love that I speak into the hearts of every human on this Earth just by becoming your Mother Power.  Be this.  Sense this.  Know this.  You are called upon my friend, my Mother of Light…the W[OM]an of Light.  Step up and join in the crowning of the sacred ones in this transformation into living as nature intended as the cycles of life evolve.

You are invited


To a NEW MOON Ceremony to plant your seeds in new beginnings and draw in the ALL KNOWING CONSCIOUSNESS that is everything.

Dates to be announced

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When life gives you lemons, make orange juice! *


Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death. 29 years ago she took her last breath as ovarian and colon cancer took her life. She was 46 years old. This is a pivotal moment for me. This is a day that has some unique significance. Especially this year because I am now 45 years old and will be 46 this coming year in May. I will soon be the same age my mother was when she passed on. Why is this so significant for me? Because I feel the gravity of it’s internal meaning. My mother struggled with cancer for a few years and ironically I have struggled within myself for the past few years. I am deeply connected to my mom and the life that she lived when she was here on Earth. I have subconsciously been internally berating myself for several years over my mom’s death. It became supremely apparent to me this past year but I never truly understood what I was secretly doing to myself until today. I woke up this morning with an epiphany, a reason to take what my mom taught me consciously and subconsciously and shift them to a new reality. My mom loved me, truly she did… but she had an awful time managing her feelings about herself, which she took out on the world. Through unconscious living she slowly created her own death. How can I say this? Because I am her daughter and I lived through the chaotic home that I was brought up in partially by the fault of my mother and the lineage her life brought to her. I, myself, had learned from my mother how to do the same in my own life and had done this for myself for a long time. I learned as a child through the subconscious actions and the energy I took in from the misguided and misdirected world around me. I learned about fear quickly growing up and I also learned that a life of fear was not worth living at all. My entire life I ran from the truth. My entire life I have spent trying not to reproduce the actions of my family but the truth of the matter is that the apple really does not fall far from the tree. I have so many friends that would tell me that this isn’t so and that I am nothing like my mother in that way. They tell me that I am a wonderful mother to my children and my family. But, what they do not know is that the internal mental chatter that I must face day in and day out from a missing mother (and a missing father) almost does enough to kill your entire being over the years. It has taken alot of self-determination and perseverance to overcome these fears that have lingered within my internal being. I had to work through many ideas and nuances that I believed about myself that I created over and over again until I could master the belief and move on from their bureaucracy. I believe that we do create our own circumstances in life that bring our greatest fears (or greatest truths) to the surface in order to be faced and slayed. Like the dragon tamer in the ever popular movie “How to Train Your Dragon” I had to work through the ever present powers of creativity and believing beyond the box in order to tame and work side by side with my own dragons. You see my mom had many dragons…she had dragons that brought on abuse in her life. She had a husband who beat her and abused alcohol on a daily basis. She had a son who was caught up in an illness that caused him psychosis. Then she had a father who did not truly understand who she was and why she was the way she was. She, herself had a mother who died of cancer when she was 16 and she was left alone to face a world that didn’t need to be conquered but her own inside world that just needed to be loved. My mother’s path was her own and it wasn’t until much later in life that I realized that she had to leave and she had to go for her own internal reasons and much more so that I could become who I am today.

At my age, one would hope to have graduated HS and College with her parents by her side. To have pictures to recall precious times of cherished moments with her mom at such events as graduations, weddings, birthdays, birth of her children, and their birthdays and graduations. I have no such pictures. I have no such memories. But I am also very lucky. Early on I was forced to live as a survivor. Forced to be out on my own at 16 and find out how to live in this world. Over the years I didn’t find out how to truly live until I was able to live with myself. How can I be the best that I can possibly be not just for myself and for the world that we live in? How can we do the balancing dance of give and receive in order to fill each other up only to have it continue to return again like as if we were living a constant flow of the figure 8. How? Well, my mom taught me how and so did my dad through the opposite of what someone could teach. I learned through fear and eventually had to turn to love to be morphed into something other than what I was or I too would have succumbed to a cancer that would take my life as well. I had to learn to face my fears and walk through the fires head on. I had no other choice and no one could do it for me and no one could walk in my shoes and no one could ever understand, not even my own mom. Through facing my own fears, through living a life that was tainted by subconscious programming that came from my mom, bringing awareness in and taking a deep breath I went further. I have gone further than I have ever gone before and now I have finally made it to the other side. I for sure, did not conquer anything. No way. No how. There was nothing to conquer. There were no dragons to slay and there were no dragons to tame. There was just a child that simply wanted to be heard living within me and she only just wanted her mom again. I wanted the representation of my mom of all moms. I wanted to just be love. That’s all. Once I could feel that within myself. Once I could love myself there was nothing left to do but love the rest of the world too. Fear no longer had a hold on my life and the rest of the world was finally ok, no matter what. This is what my mom taught me in a twisted subconscious way and there was no better way for her to teach me then through the unspoken word and actions of just being her when she was here and when she wasn’t as well. My mom is no longer here on Earth but I feel her and know she is here all the time. I can’t explain this and I just know this. I can not tell you what it is like because it is experiential. Nothing that we can learn in a text book. It is nothing that you would ever learn from any class you would take, not even an intuitive class. It really is from the heart. And this is now what I try to teach on a daily basis. Everything is from the heart. Everything. Every word, every action, every instrument we use is used from the heart. That is how magical we are. If it is used in such a way that strikes a chord of magic from the heart it creates magical experiences no matter what. A pencil can become a wand and a dishrag can single handedly clean up the world if we can open our hearts to see.

My mom had a very hard and difficult life and the ironic thing about all of this is that as I approach the same age that my mom was when she left this Earth plane I can honestly say that I have at least 50 more years to do something completely different. I don’t need to make lemons into lemonade…I’ve already done that… now I get to write another story with the second half of my life and I am going to name it…. And claim it… I am going to make lemons into orange juice! I am that unique!

Thanks mom for being there for me Allways in All ways. I love you.

Your Daughter Forever, Jennifer


*Quote from: “365 Days of Wonder” a quote for every day of the year by R.J. Palacio

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies” -Aristotle

This past Sunday, I set out to accomplish the last phase of marathon training.  I was to complete 20 miles.  In the spirit of “Building Bridges”, which I wrote about a couple articles ago, I decided that making new connections and potentially ‘building bridges’ would be a great idea for this run.  After all, I had someone rather close to me burn a bridge which inspired me to keep building bridges.  It’s the ones closest to us that point out our faults with which we can use our own discernment to know when we need to shift our perceptions of reality.  I heard mine loud and clear and decided to make several shifts over the last several weeks.  And it is working.  I had recently reached out to several friends that I felt I needed to do some bridge repair work.  Several that had been on my heart and needing to be a mend.  I reached out with the intention of opening my heart to theirs with no intention as to how they would receive me.  Except that I wanted to extend a hand, remove the tattered part of the wood that had splintered, and replace it with a solid board that was smooth and lacquered with love.  It was difficult for me to reach out as if the boards that were there had rusted by the nails when I had to remove the nails within my heart that kept me from connecting.  Once I did, and worked with my own inner construction and remodeling that I much needed to do I was able to begin with a phone call to many of these ‘friends’.  Welcomingly, I was received with open arms and all of these friends accepted me back much to my own dismay.  I was careful, with each board that I was replacing, to make sure that I was measuring and fitting the wood individually to that particular bridges’ needs.  Each one was unique and each one had a different feel.  And each one was reconstructed in a different and more loving way.  These friends were happy to reconstruct and rebuild in ways of a new understanding of the expectations within each other.  We had all learned about our different shapes and sizes and where we needed a little more moulding and sanding in certain areas and a loving nail or more lacquer in others.  But now we were especially more accepting that this was a part of life, the ups and downs, the new and the old, and the inner renovations that we all go through.  I am happy to say that these new connections that come from a new understanding aren’t perfect and they are perfectly flawed.  We accept our own imperfections which makes each of us perfect in our own ways.  It is lovely.

On to Sunday… In this same spirit of building bridges I took a chance.  I reached out to a crowd over email asking who was going to be making a trip downtown to do a scheduled 20 mile run and if anyone would like to car pool the trip together.  Not long after a response came in from a friend that I had no idea was even dedicated to running the marathon.  He offered to car pool and extended to join his group of buddies that were running as well.  This was wonderful for me.  I had now reached out and received a wonderful response plus several others that I would get to meet.  My previously anxious plans of running 20 miles by myself in downtown Chicago having to plan logistics on  my own just turned into ease and peace.  They had done this run before, knew where to park, and already had a plan in place.  I could just join in.  Few!

The only thing left was the weather.  In hopes to make our run even easier a nice cool day would be helpful and welcomed.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  It did turn out to be one of the hottest Sundays of the year in September!  90 degrees running 20 miles along Chicago’s lakefront.  It sounds gorgeous, and it was but after about 3 1/2 hours of the sun and humidity we were all toast.  But I have to say I would not had made this run as well as I did in the conditions that we had if it were not for my new friends.  The conversations made the run seem shorter, the miles past by significantly faster, and the people were all there to enjoy each other and the causes for which they were running.  It was delightful in that respect and strenuous in others but overall the connections far outweighed the perceived struggles.  Like good guys do after most long runs they each cracked open a beer hung out and celebrated there running victory.  I had a La Croix (peach pear) I think it was.  I don’t do gluten.  I was then with them as they had to stop for milk shakes and burgers at none the less but a “Meat Heads” restaurant.   I am vegetarian…so I had some french fries that felt pretty damn good after a long run like that.  There loving harassment of each other over fries, shakes, and burgers was rather hilarious and I think my face still hurts from the smiling and laughter.  The joke was also on me after a while as they became more comfortable with my presence and as I with them.  Really, and truly this new connection based out of just pure enjoyment of nothing but friendship was a great experience this past Sunday.  I didn’t even really care about the run it was the before and after the run that was the game changer for me.  Don’t get me wrong, the conversations during the run were definitely important and necessary for my continued shifting in life and for the stripping away of old beliefs and patterns that have held me back for a long time but it was how these 3 guys bonded and just accepted each other in the ways that humans can just do that really shifted my reality.  It was awesome.  We all had families, we all had obligations, and we all had funny stories.

Thanks guys for sharing your souls that day, the pleasure was all mine.

They definitely helped me see how a friend can truly be a single soul dwelling in two bodies… in this case 3.

Peace out,  Jennifer

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“Every hour of the light and dark is a miracle.” -Walt Whitman

It’s true.  Every hour that we spend in the light is a miracle and as such every hour we spend in the dark is just as miraculous.  How do we spread this into every situation in our lives?  Right now, so many of us are going through so many difficulties, so many dark times.  It is all there.  We can see it everywhere.  All we have to do is go to social media and one can see the environmental disasters as well as political corruption.  Of course, this is viewed as the dark.  Then we are blessed with something miraculous in our lives, and this is seen as the light.  A new born child, a new home, a miraculous gift or precious gesture that comes our way.  And here we are.  We are in the light.

It is far easier to accept the light in all of us than the darkness.  Why?  There seems to be an idea out there in our world that someone may have a better idea than someone else. Maybe? Maybe not.  There also seems to be an idea out there that if I do not get someone to think the way I do or see the way I see than this something is not ‘right’ so it must be fixed in a way that makes us right.  This makes us feel better.

…Hmmm… I am not so sure about this.  Does this really make us feel better?  What are we truly doing when we have to fix or change someone else and what is going on within ourselves when we can not truly love them unconditionally for who they are?  And what does this sense like?  Sense like?  What does that mean?

To connect unconditionally.  How does someone carry upon their life without the need to change anyone or anything and just love?  What is love and do we truly have the capacity to sense what this is?  Have we truly come across this?  Do we know what this is?  What is it to love?  How to love?  To be love?

I don’t know.  I do not have the answers.  I really do not even believe there are words to describe what it is that I am getting at.  I believe that there is a belief that we ‘know’ what love is but do we really?  Do we really know what it feels like?  What is the sensation?  I don’t believe we do.  I do not believe we have actually begun to understand to the depths of our being what that really and truly is.

Why do I speak of all of this?  Because, in order to love and be love we must be vulnerable.  We must be willing to be covered up by the clouds and know that we will always shine again.  That we are truly as bright and everlasting as the sun and the moon and that our light is just as important as our darkness.  We shall embrace our own darkness and have the wisdom to know it in the depths of our dimness.  Through knowing this dimness and recognizing its lack of luster we are then able to allow the sun within ourselves to shine again.  Notice when there is a cloudy or rainy day we do not do anything to make the sun shine again.  Notice how eventually it does it on his own.  That there is an intuitive structure within the nature of the mother that comes and goes with darkness and light and it is within this miraculous nature that we get to see the light and the darkness evolve on its own.  It does not judge itself it just is.

Can we not all be this way as well?  Can we not accept our darkness, not blame it on anyone?  Can we not accept our defeats and our depths of our own sorrows without blaming, including ourselves?  Can we not just be?  We can.  Maybe, just maybe if we looked at the nature of the mother and allowed her to teach us the vibrant lessons that she is showing us everyday then we may let go of our own eternal damnation and truly allow ourselves to shine in whatever capacity we can in the moment.  And then just maybe we will give everyone permission to shine in their own ways and understand there really was never the contrast of dark and light just different hues and interpretations that never really mattered at all.  They were just there to remind us of the beauty that resides within us all and the idea that one must accept the internal natural and glorious beauty of the self in order to accept that in others.  The sun accepts itself and the moon accepts herself and they just do their jobs the way they are supposed to because they just are.   They don’t judge each other or try to change the way one does their job.  Could you imagine the sun trying to convince the moon to dim it’s light so that she can shine brighter and earlier in the morning or later in the evening?  They just allow and let it all be. And they work intuitively and synchronistically together shining their light and dark.

The darkness is the dark and the ligthtness is the light we can eternally love it all.  So now, as we enter ages and stages of our lives where we are faced with the dark and the light maybe we can look to the nature of the mother to guide and direct our sensations of life and maybe we will begin to truly sense what Walt Whitman meant when he said, “Every hour of the light and the dark is a miracle”.