W[OM]en of Light – Mother of Light

It is time dear one… it is time to call in the women… to begin the process of reigniting and burning the flames of our resurrection.  We are the ones that originated on this Earth plane long, long ago.  We come from all walks of life.  We are the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and so much more.  We are teachers, scientists, builders, freedom writers, sacred ritual holders, scribes, environmentalists, historians, and more. We are the FEmale.  We are the OM in the W[OM]en.  We are also the great connectors ever so close and holding together the society through our relationships with our fathers, brothers, uncles, and more.  We hold the light the sacred light of the sacred feminine that unites humanity only through the birth canal of love.  We are the invitation to all that is and it is we that holds the chalice of the great goddess nectar of immortality.  It is us.  I call on you.  You that reads this and is drawn to these words.  They are more than words they are a supreme invitation to step up to the holy sacred self that is supremely empowered by the universe.  Yes, that is you.

I invite you dear one… to join together in union of all that is and is everything.  To come and gather in a sacred space put together by all of those who are also the freedom holders.  This space will encompass many and it will be grand.  It holds the grounding for more women to come.  Only a few will show up at first but expect this to grow rapidly as you shed the fears, uncover the myths, and one by one step into your powerful truth.  You will touch one another and behold you will once again hold each other close in the bounty of your breasts and know that the only way to the ever present Mother is through the loving blossom of her bosom bestowed in Love.  Love has become a callous word in your society.  Not truly understood by all.  It has been tarnished and undernourished.  You will reveal the sacred feminine and help the others to understand that to be Love one must have a sacred union with the self and the souls calling.  Once this happens and this emerges then one is truly free to roam and teach the ways of the chalice…the ways of the world and the ways of Love.  That has not truly happened yet.  It is coming.

W[OM]an, I call upon you to join together to raise up the frequency of our world.  You come from all walks of life.  You are mothers of children and mothers of each other.  Mothers of this world.  Mothers that do not even have to be mothers of a being but can birth the love that I speak into the hearts of every human on this Earth just by becoming your Mother Power.  Be this.  Sense this.  Know this.  You are called upon my friend, my Mother of Light…the W[OM]an of Light.  Step up and join in the crowning of the sacred ones in this transformation into living as nature intended as the cycles of life evolve.

You are invited


To a NEW MOON Ceremony to plant your seeds in new beginnings and draw in the ALL KNOWING CONSCIOUSNESS that is everything.

Dates to be announced

More information Here



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