Father of Light Consciousness

For the past 14 days the most beautiful Souls have come together over the power of the Internet to receive daily activations from a concept known as Mother of Light Consciousness. What is the Mother of Light Consciousness? It is a culmination of energy within every being. It is not limited to Mothers and nor is it owned solely by women. It is an energy of internal nature that harbors within everyone’s state of being. It is the Feminine Consciousness that nurtures, heals, and processes. It is the place within that is able to sense and feel and it is completely based on the cycles of life. There is a time to process and nurture the Mother of Light from within and there is a time to become outward in nature. Each person was taken on a journey to embrace their own Mother of Light Consciousness. For each person this was decorated in a different aspect for it is not limited to any one state or way of being. That is up to the individual but the concept remains the same. We are the bearers of light from the fruit of our womb and within the womb is where consciousness creates if we allow it to be. Each person learned techniques to tune into their BE-ing and learned how to release that which was no longer necessary for their existence in order to understand that they are the internal creators of their own realities that consciously or unconsciously is exemplified by the outward worldly experiences. Once they are able to embrace how truly powerful they are through this Mother of Light Internal Consciousness they are able to change their own worlds from within.

Why is this important? Because we can only see change within the world if we change within ourselves first. Then we move onto our outward and worldly manifestations of life which is associated with the Father of Light Consciousness. This has no association with religion and is rather a concept of the Action Energy that is outwardly made in our outside worlds. Everything we produce and everything that surrounds us is an outward representation of this Father or Masculine Energy. The physical is a great representation of this. The car we drive, our home, our outward appearance sends a message of how we feel of ourselves and our world. By no means are we saying that these physical things matter we are merely saying that they represent a physical quality of what our internal nature feels and thus there is an interdependence of the Mother and the Father within. This is why physical representations of our Mothers and Fathers have so much affect on us children. If mom encouraged you to sense and feel the process and allowed you to express the emotions that were there from within because it was safe to do so then you had an experience of the Mother of Light Consciousness. If dad encouraged you to excel and ‘go for it’ to make goals and to accomplish what you can in this world because you deserve it and you were encouraged to do this by respecting those around you then you had a representation of what the Father of Light Consciousness energy entails.

Many of us received some of this and had some ideas of what this may look like but many of us found all of this very confusing. Many of us did not receive the leadership and encouragement from the Father and many did not receive the nurturing and the encouragement to process and express the emotions of the Mother. In addition, many of us were brought up to believe that these two energies are separate and only associated with Man versus Woman. Thus a man was encouraged to push and excel and suppress the need to process and express emotionally. Vice versa the woman was encouraged to nurture and process while thought of as weak and insecure and needing to be taken care of. And there was the imbalance. When in essence each Soul is a complete unification of the balance of both Male and Female of the energies of the Mother of Light AND the Father of Light. These are not separate but intertwined in mutually exclusive and interdependent ways much like the yin and yang of Chinese philosophy, the seasons, the cycles of the Earth, the stars, the universe, the oceans, the moon, the sun and anything else that you can think of that is based on balance and creation. You are this balance and you are the complete evolution of the Mother of Light and the Father of Light. You are the Mother/Father of All that Is.

In the next 14 days we will be bringing in the Father of Light Consciousness that is represented through balanced action and expansion. This energy propels one forth with careful thought and understands that without the encouragement to go full throttle ahead to the destination of your dreams there would never be a journey to consciously look back on and say, “I’m glad I did this”. Most of us unconsciously look back and wonder, “What happened?” In the next 14 days we plan to experience the safety of the Father of Light Consciousness and how this masculine energy is also balanced in stability, strength, achievement, and knowing. It is the big bear hug that you always wanted that makes you feel like you CAN DO IT!

Even if you did not participate in the first 14 days of Mother of Light nurturing from within you will still receive exactly what you need from the Father without missing a thing. Remember, these energies are not just mutually exclusive but interdependent as well which means that one can not be successful and balanced without the other but it takes a conscious awareness to know that they exist and you can DO something about it in order for the fires to begin to burn within both.

The next 14 days will be about action and producing but it will also be about internal work that is necessary in order to act in this world in a very respectable and responsible manner. The Father has been a misinterpreted energy that barrels through life unconsciously when perhaps it is an energy that is safe and understanding and more forceful and perhaps in that force there is stability and understanding.

I invite you to join me on this journey….

What will you receive?

  1. An Activation Ceremony…

You are invited to begin to embrace the energy of the Father of Light Consciousness on the few days of the full moon… you will meet with me either in person or over electronic media (skype, facetime, etc) and you will receive a reading on your associations with the Father energy. This will consist of Tarot Cards and an introductory clearing to open your energy centers to the possibility that this energy exists and is ready to work with you. This is an hour session.

  1. 14 days of emails encouraging you to press on in your studies and inviting you to think about concepts and how to view the Father of Light Consciousness from a different perspective or one that maybe is perhaps living within yourself but has been forgotten.


  1. A Closing Ceremony…

to harmoniously integrate this Energy into your System of Light that will help you to become one and balance with the energies of the Father of Light. Again, another session usually an hour long.

  1. Open access to me every three days that you may call or email with questions or have access to process personal information that may be coming up.


What you need to know:

  • Activations begin Wednesday January 31 thru to Saturday February 3rd…. we set a time to meet together for your activation.


  • 14 days of activations through emails every day (February 1st thru 14th)


  • Closing Ceremony the week ending the 14th thru to the 17th. Individual and scheduled accordingly.


  • Access to me for questions by phone, email, Facetime, etc…February 4th, 7th, and 10th.


  • Cost: $120


Sign up by responding to this email or contacting me at Jen.Burkhart@comcast.net


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