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FATHER of LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS has been successfully completed… please stay tuned for the next realm of classes…

The Sandwich Connection and 14 Days of Activations!


The Sandwich Connection 

Building connections with your divine wisdom is like making a sandwich

You just need to have the key components to make it happen

  • really good bread to hold it together
  • beautiful  things to put in your sandwich to nourish you through out your day

Building a connection is like making a sacred sandwich

It is Nourishment from Within

Learn how to:

  • Build an Altar
  • Expand your Energy Every Day
  • How this simple practice will change your life


  • Tangible ideas to begin at home
  • Opportunities to purchase a portable sandwich (altar)
  • A gift to include in your altar

Friday, FEBRUARY 23rd – 7-9pm

Libertyville – My Home



See Below…

Do you ever feel like your efforts are fruitless?

Build your Future while Clearing Your Past
Participants will learn to:

  • Choose 1 GOAL they want to ACHIEVE
  • Actively learn ‘How to Pin Point’ what is holding onto you
  • Actively practice ‘How to Clear’ these issues
  • Build your future with a tangible affirmation to take home
Friday, March 2nd, 7-9pm, Libertyville $40
If you can not make this workshop in person a 1:1 session will be included in person or on a call instead.

14 Days of Activations!
Receive Daily Inspirational Emails that will Activate your Energy into Continued Action and Merging with your Goals

Participants will receive:

  • Opportunities to establish their personal goal(s)
  • Continued energetic clearings and support for 14 days
  • Access to me to ask questions and help with clearings
  • 14 days of inspirational Emails to support the achievement of your goal(s)
  • Emails begin on 3/1 & run through 3/14
  • $120 for 14 days

Emails run from 3/1 to 3/14 & access to me for personal questions & 20-30 minute boot up calls as needed throughout the 14 days,

After 14 days of Activations this is what it feels like!

Creating Action While Clearing the Fear of Failure 
Participants will learn to:

  • Actively identify the fears as they emerge
  • Actively Merge with these fears
  • Actively Clear & Create Success In the Present
  • Practice in the Moment Clearing to take home and successfully use
Wednesday, March 14th, 7-9pm, Libertyville, $40
If you can not make this workshop in person a 1:1 session will be included in person or on a call instead.
Sign up for the intensive clearing package ($180) which includes:

Build Your Future while Clearing your Past

  • Friday, March 2nd, 7-9pm, Libertyville, $40

14 Days of Activations – Receive Daily Inspirational Emails that will Activate your Energy into Continued Action and Merging with your Goals

  • Establish 1 Goal on 3/2
  • Clear the Past and Continue to practice with support
  • Access to me to ask questions and help with clearings
  • 14 days of inspirational Emails to support your journey and achieve your Goal
  • Emails begin on 3/1 & run through 3/14
  • $120 for 14 days

Creating Action While Clearing the Fear of Failure 

  • Wednesday, March 14th, 7-9pm, Libertyville, $40

PAY $180 for the intensive clearing package!
or afraid to make the leap and want to take it slow?

Pay Separately… $40 + $40 + $120

Can’t attend a workshop?  Then we can make this up either in person or over the phone with a personalized session.


Father of Light Consciousness

In the next 14 days we will be bringing in the Father of Light Consciousness that is represented through balanced action and expansion. This energy propels one forth with careful thought and understands that without the encouragement to go full throttle ahead to the destination of your dreams there would never be a journey to consciously look back on and say, “I’m glad I did this”. Most of us unconsciously look back and wonder, “What happened?” In the next 14 days we plan to experience the safety of the Father of Light Consciousness and how this masculine energy is also balanced in stability, strength, achievement, and knowing. It is the big bear hug that you always wanted that makes you feel like you CAN DO IT!

Even if you did not participate in the first 14 days of Mother of Light nurturing from within you will still receive exactly what you need from the Father without missing a thing. Remember, these energies are not just mutually exclusive but interdependent as well which means that one can not be successful and balanced without the other but it takes a conscious awareness to know that they exist and you can DO something about it in order for the fires to begin to burn within both.

The next 14 days will be about action and producing but it will also be about internal work that is necessary in order to act in this world in a very respectable and responsible manner. The Father has been a misinterpreted energy that barrels through life unconsciously when perhaps it is an energy that is safe and understanding and more forceful and perhaps in that force there is stability and understanding.

I invite you to join me on this journey….

What will you receive?

  1. An Activation Ceremony…

You are invited to begin to embrace the energy of the Father of Light Consciousness on the few days of the full moon… you will meet with me either in person or over electronic media (skype, facetime, etc) and you will receive a reading on your associations with the Father energy. This will consist of Tarot Cards and an introductory clearing to open your energy centers to the possibility that this energy exists and is ready to work with you. This is an hour session.

  1. 14 days of emails encouraging you to press on in your studies and inviting you to think about concepts and how to view the Father of Light Consciousness from a different perspective or one that maybe is perhaps living within yourself but has been forgotten.


  1. A Closing Ceremony…

to harmoniously integrate this Energy into your System of Light that will help you to become one and balance with the energies of the Father of Light. Again, another session usually an hour long.

  1. Open access to me every three days that you may call or email with questions or have access to process personal information that may be coming up.


What you need to know:

  • Activations begin Wednesday January 31 thru to Saturday February 3rd…. we set a time to meet together for your activation.


  • 14 days of activations through emails every day (February 1st thru 14th)


  • Closing Ceremony the week ending the 14th thru to the 17th. Individual and scheduled accordingly.


  • Access to me for questions by phone, email, Facetime, etc…February 4th, 7th, and 10th.


  • Cost: $120


Sign up by responding to this email or contacting me at

pexels-photo-240166.jpegThe New Moon & Full Moon 

Clearing, Support, and Manifestation 

January 16th – The New Moon – Planting & Cultivating Group Session

14 Days of Individualized Support

January 31st – The Full Moon – Celebrate & Harvest Group Session

January 16th is the beginning of the New Moon which represents New Beginnings, Creation, Developing, Creating, & Manifesting.  On January 31st is the Full Moon representing the taking of action to celebrate the fruits of your efforts.  What will be happening during these dates?


  • Sacred Ritual of the powers of the Feminine will be woven into the entire evening
  • Past residue that does not line up with our action will be cleared and transformed (till the soil and plant the seeds)
  • The Mother Energy will come forth and fully be integrated
  • Your intentions will be sprouted and the work then begins…

For the next 14 days you will receive:

  • Focused  & Scheduled Clearings to continue the transformation to your leadership
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • Access to a Facebook closed group to continue support and foster and strengthen your journey of light
  • Access to me by email or phone to answer any questions about STUFF that emerges that may be questioning your light
  • Ability to request specific clearings needed on the 17th, 21st, 24th, and 28th to support, enhance, transform, and access your light


  • SACRED RITUAL CONTINUES – We will close the manifestation process with a full clearing and reading
  • Individualized and focused on your continued expansion for all
  • Celebrate the fruits of your efforts and claim what you have created through creating your own sacred rituals you can continue to take home and implement
  • Celebrate and claim your harvest

In Summary Participants receive:

2 Individualized group sessions (4 hours of sessions)

14 days of distant energy work, inspirational emails, Facebook closed Group Support, and access to questions over email or phone…

Receive all of this for only $90

Contact me to reserve your spot TODAY

If the group in person dates are not possible we can individualize your sessions and schedule them near or on the same dates.  These sessions will have a combined cost of $120 as opposed to the $90 due to the personalization of the individual.