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The Sandwich Connection and 14 Days of Activations!


Are you looking for a Ritual Filled Mother of Light Evening filled with releasing thought patterns and ancestral lineage patterns that no longer serves your group?

W[OM]en Of Light Consciousness Event (a 90 Minute workshop)  

  • Dynamic and lead by Jennifer… she is the representation of W[OM]en of Light, she will fill the evening with the sacred energy of the Feminine Consciousness with ritual movement and music.
  • Each participant will release and issue that is stuck in their energy filed and move them closer to their highest potential.
  • Each participant will be filled with graceful transcending energy that rebalances and re-vibrates the energy field.
  • Negative energy will be transformed and transcended to light.
  • Both Feminine and Masculine Energy will be transformed and transcended.
  • We will call in our ancestors and our entire lineage of light.
  • We will transcend all space time dimensions and heal into the present moment.
  • Participants will learn through the senses what it is to be a W[OM]en of Light Conscious being. They will announce to the world their regrets and that which they no longer wish to hold onto and it will be removed.
  • Each participant will be anointed to the W[OM]en of Light Energy and encouraged to fulfill her completely balance role as an all encompassing being.
  • Friendship, Strength, and Healing will fill the evening groups.


I offer a variety of workshops and group events.  Just some of the titles are here:

Health & Healing – Learn how to tune into your intuition.  Clear energetic frequencies that no longer serve you, set intentions, and construct your life affirmation that will help you remain at this heightened state of awareness.  Cards, Intuitive Readings, Reiki & Light Weaving will be integrated to the workshop.

‘Being of Light’ Part 1 – Learn about your energetic Light Body.  It’s functions, energy layers and points, and how to clean, expand, and maintain your field of light.  Specific tools around energy sensing and energy clearing will be practiced in order to empower the learner to enhance their vibrational alignment with Spirit.  Each participant will experience their ‘Light Body’.  The class will wrap up with an extended energy clearing so that each participant can leave with a fresh and clean Light Body.

‘Being of Light’ Part 2 – This is an extension of Part 1.  Now that you understand your Light Body, learn how your environment plays a critical role in the expansion and contraction of your light.  Detailed discussion and awareness is brought to the mental, emotional, physical, and social roles of environment.  Specific techniques will be practiced to bring continued self awareness within so that transformation may naturally occur in your surrounding environments.  Your Light Body ‘vibrational tools box’ will be filled with tools to guide and empower you to live fully in light.

Connecting to Your Guides – There is an Energy Force behind you that has been trying to get your attention.  They want you to succeed.  Learn about your guides, angels, & master of light.  You have your own personal language of intuition that communicates with your daily.  Access this language and live life knowing that you are always completely supported and guided in everything you do.  Learn how to ask for this in every moment and how to listen for the answers.   Learn how to speak your personal intuitive language and communicate daily for an easier light filled life.  Learn how letting go of the old ways of living through struggle will propel you to a new way of living that is miraculous.

Reiki & Light Weaving 1, 2, & 3 – Are you ready to tune into your innate healing capacity within you?  It all begins with opening the channels of light.  This is done through Reiki Attunements. Learn how to incorporate Reiki into daily living. Light Weaving is another form of energetic work that brings forgiveness and energetically shifts past karma that wants to be realigned with light.  It has the potential to shift future possibilities as well.

  • Part 1 – Reiki & Light Weaving
    • Learn the basics of Reiki and the amazing energy of light weaving. You will be attuned to the frequencies of Reiki, learn the hand placements, and be able to give your self and loved ones Reiki sessions.  Special attention will also be given to the practice of Light Weaving, an energy practice using ancient signs and symbols to clear and enhance your energy and the energy of loved ones.
  • Part 2 – Reiki & Light Weaving
    • A continuation of Part I.  The 3 main symbols of Reiki are practiced and attuned into your field.  You will learn how to incorporate these symbols into your daily practice for almost anything.  Light Weaving will be expanded and you will become well versed in remote healing.  Extended practice time will be incorporated to ensure proficiency of your expanded state.
  • Part 3 – Master Practitioner of Reiki & Light Weaving
    • The Master Symbol will be unveiled and the ability to attune others to Reiki will be taught.  New techniques such as learning how to expand energy fields of people, places, and things will be practiced.  The fire finger and sending energy through vision will also be included.  Continue to practice the signs and symbols and embrace the concepts of love on a global level.  Mastership in Reiki and Light Weaving will be complete.