I am a Mother of Light and this Website is the short version of what I do.

I have many techniques that I use that revolve around one goal; releasing the barriers standing in our way from reaching our highest potential.  If you are here, you are curious as to what I do.  My training began early on as an adolescent growing up in an unusual household.  I had a colorful background of unhealthy relationships and negative role models growing up.  I talk about this every now and again in my blog.  It was my platform for entering my search for internal healing when I was younger.  I knew that there was more to life.  I entered into a formal training through gaining my undergraduate in Exercise Physiology and a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.  Through more events that happened in my life I was taken on a much needed holistic approach of CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and more.  I am CST 1 & 2 certified, a Reiki Master, Health Beyond Belief Practitioner, trained Intuitive (PA School of Spiritual Healing/Sonia Choquette Level 1 & 2) in the arts of reading energy fields, Master Light Weaver offering Axiatonial Alignment Attunements, and more.  I am ever expanding my skills, learning, and perfecting.

I believe in the human being as an energy body.  We are amazing entities with phenomenal potential.   Every thing we do matters.  What we put into & put on our bodies, how we interact with our environments, our social environments, our emotional health, mental awareness, family lineage and backgrounds, and our beliefs all have an effect on our overall health and journey in life.  My role is to bring awareness to these areas.  To shine a light on the journey and illumine the path of least resistance.  How this is done encompasses many possibilities.  If I am lucky enough to have you as a client we  work together developing a program tuned into your exact needs.  Through the many techniques offered we walk the journey together to reach your goals.  Many come for a short stay and many more come for awhile.  This means that one session may be all that is required and others may need multiple in order to release that which is holding them back.  If there are specific physiological issues then we focus on the specific issues through one of the several techniques offered or a combination.   My practice is listed under ServicesWorkshops.  You may Contact me to set up an appointment or to ask questions.