“Every hour of the light and dark is a miracle.” -Walt Whitman

It’s true.  Every hour that we spend in the light is a miracle and as such every hour we spend in the dark is just as miraculous.  How do we spread this into every situation in our lives?  Right now, so many of us are going through so many difficulties, so many dark times.  It is all there.  We can see it everywhere.  All we have to do is go to social media and one can see the environmental disasters as well as political corruption.  Of course, this is viewed as the dark.  Then we are blessed with something miraculous in our lives, and this is seen as the light.  A new born child, a new home, a miraculous gift or precious gesture that comes our way.  And here we are.  We are in the light.

It is far easier to accept the light in all of us than the darkness.  Why?  There seems to be an idea out there in our world that someone may have a better idea than someone else. Maybe? Maybe not.  There also seems to be an idea out there that if I do not get someone to think the way I do or see the way I see than this something is not ‘right’ so it must be fixed in a way that makes us right.  This makes us feel better.

…Hmmm… I am not so sure about this.  Does this really make us feel better?  What are we truly doing when we have to fix or change someone else and what is going on within ourselves when we can not truly love them unconditionally for who they are?  And what does this sense like?  Sense like?  What does that mean?

To connect unconditionally.  How does someone carry upon their life without the need to change anyone or anything and just love?  What is love and do we truly have the capacity to sense what this is?  Have we truly come across this?  Do we know what this is?  What is it to love?  How to love?  To be love?

I don’t know.  I do not have the answers.  I really do not even believe there are words to describe what it is that I am getting at.  I believe that there is a belief that we ‘know’ what love is but do we really?  Do we really know what it feels like?  What is the sensation?  I don’t believe we do.  I do not believe we have actually begun to understand to the depths of our being what that really and truly is.

Why do I speak of all of this?  Because, in order to love and be love we must be vulnerable.  We must be willing to be covered up by the clouds and know that we will always shine again.  That we are truly as bright and everlasting as the sun and the moon and that our light is just as important as our darkness.  We shall embrace our own darkness and have the wisdom to know it in the depths of our dimness.  Through knowing this dimness and recognizing its lack of luster we are then able to allow the sun within ourselves to shine again.  Notice when there is a cloudy or rainy day we do not do anything to make the sun shine again.  Notice how eventually it does it on his own.  That there is an intuitive structure within the nature of the mother that comes and goes with darkness and light and it is within this miraculous nature that we get to see the light and the darkness evolve on its own.  It does not judge itself it just is.

Can we not all be this way as well?  Can we not accept our darkness, not blame it on anyone?  Can we not accept our defeats and our depths of our own sorrows without blaming, including ourselves?  Can we not just be?  We can.  Maybe, just maybe if we looked at the nature of the mother and allowed her to teach us the vibrant lessons that she is showing us everyday then we may let go of our own eternal damnation and truly allow ourselves to shine in whatever capacity we can in the moment.  And then just maybe we will give everyone permission to shine in their own ways and understand there really was never the contrast of dark and light just different hues and interpretations that never really mattered at all.  They were just there to remind us of the beauty that resides within us all and the idea that one must accept the internal natural and glorious beauty of the self in order to accept that in others.  The sun accepts itself and the moon accepts herself and they just do their jobs the way they are supposed to because they just are.   They don’t judge each other or try to change the way one does their job.  Could you imagine the sun trying to convince the moon to dim it’s light so that she can shine brighter and earlier in the morning or later in the evening?  They just allow and let it all be. And they work intuitively and synchronistically together shining their light and dark.

The darkness is the dark and the ligthtness is the light we can eternally love it all.  So now, as we enter ages and stages of our lives where we are faced with the dark and the light maybe we can look to the nature of the mother to guide and direct our sensations of life and maybe we will begin to truly sense what Walt Whitman meant when he said, “Every hour of the light and the dark is a miracle”.



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